Week 12

05.04.18 It’s already the final week of senior project…and the final week of my internship. I figured I’d take this time to reflect on how the project went for me and what I gained from it. My project, I’ll admit, started off as something that was nearly impossible to accomplish within the 12 week period. […]

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Week 11

04.27.18 Week 11 already…I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I began this project feeling that 12 weeks would give me more than enough time to accomplish all that I wanted to do and more. But it turned out to be quite the opposite. I found myself cutting out bits of my project to […]

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Week 9 & 10

04.20.18 Hey everyone! First of all, I am so proud to finally say that I’ve decided to attend the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor this fall! I must say that I am extremely excited to be able to access their engineering facilities like Mcity (a driverless car testing facility), and their upcoming robotics facility (with…drum […]

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Week 8

04.06.18 Hello my dear readers! This may turn out to be a shorter blog post, though I’d consider it to still hold some critical information about my project and what I’ve learned and encountered so far. Let’s go back to the very beginning…At the start of my project, I had spoken with my advisors and […]

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Week 7

3.30.18 As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been busy with robotics competition these past two weeks. Though I do regret not having as much time to spare for my project, I will say that these robotics competitions haven’t been a waste of time. The competitions and the robotics season as a […]

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Week 6

03.23.18 Hello my loyal blog post readers! Unfortunately, I’ve been at a robotics competition up in Davis, CA for much of this week, so getting time to do my projet has been near impossible. I wish I could have had a better update for you, but all I have is that the parts and sensors […]

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Week 5

03.16.18 Since I was out visiting colleges for the second half of this week, I decided to spend the few days I had at the beginning reading about current research and technological advances in this general field of study. This included research about creating strong, yet flexible joints through the use of origami-like structures and […]

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Week 4

03.09.18 This week was a great step forward in my project. Wanting to go ahead with the materials I already had available to me, I decided to work on creating a robotic arm or gripper that I could use in my testing of the glove. This basic design provides me with a hand that would […]

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Week 2 & 3

03.02.18 Week 3 marked the official start of my internship at Avinger! I am so thankful for this opportunity to work with experts in the fields of engineering to learn more about what they do and how they do it. After meeting the employees and getting a quick tour of the facilities, I was able […]

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Week 1

02.16.18 My first week of the senior project – though I had been eagerly hoping that my internship would begin this week, there are still a few details to be worked out before I can begin. However, I am definitely not worried since I still have a lot of research to do before I can […]

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